18th October 2011
Having travelled overnight on Wednesday 12th October to arrive at Balbirnie in Fife for a 10am tee off on the 13th October (good old British Public Transport), I have to say expectation was not high, a thought echoed by my wife who thought I was mad to even try and get there.

I lovely sunny morning with no wind made for great golf (by some). After a pretty average round I came to the 182 yard 14th unsure what to hit as I was not hitting my 5 wood or rescue clubs well. I decide on a 5 iron which I knew I would have to nail to make the distance and nail it I did..... Once I hit the ball I have normally left the tee before the ball has landed as I do not see it other than leaving the clubface. My playing partners John Murray and David Gray thought I had found the front bunker however on arrival the ball was no where to be seen. We searched around somewhat surprised not to have found it, until David checked the hole, There it was , my yellow titleisat at the bottom of the cup.

After 4 more below average holes it was back to the clubhouse for a wee nip or two, the Balbirnie and SDGP members were awesome. Despite 5 stableford points for the ace I only managed 35 points...

The interest in what I later found was only the 5th hole in one by a registered blind person globally was amazing, with newspapers and websites worldwide reporting the event.

The yellow ball, my card and a virtually empty whiskey bottle now takes pride of place on my mantlepiece, along with my 8 year old sons football trophies, he still keeps reminding me despite almost 40 years difference in age, he has far more trophies, I await his first ace......